Hessequa Municipality goes for green

A local municipality, the Hessequa Municipality, is one of the two finalists in the Africa Energy Rewards, category “Energy efficiency project of the year”.   Hessequa Municipality, home to about 48,500 people, can be very proud of their achievement in the renewable energy field.  The municipality governs the area from the Langeberg Mountains to the Southern Cape coast, and between the Breede and Gouritz Rivers.  What makes this nomination for the Hessequa Municipality so noteworthy, is that it has competed with private sector organisations, some even multi-national organisations such as Samsung, with national and international renewable energy support frameworks.

The Hessequa Municipality is a local municipality with a core focus on sustainability.  The municipality has a number of renewable energy and sustainability projects in operation.  The municipality established a 33kw solar energy farm during November 2011, and is feeding renewable energy into the national electricity grid ever since.  The municipality is now an independent energy supplier, one of the first of its kind for South Africa.  Planning and environmental processes are now underway to expand this solar plant to a 5MW energy generation solar plant.

Another achievement for the Hessequa Municipality is the Green Municipality award received from the Department of Environmental Affairs & Development Planning, for its achievement in energy savings across the municipal district.

With green being the new gold, Hessequa Municipality is well on its way to sustainability richness!

Photo credits: Some rights reserved by Chandra Marsono via flickr.


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