A life that influences sustainability – Part 4

In this series to date, we have discussed sustainability on our kitchen, cooking and our household cleaning habits. Another aspect of our daily lives where our sustainability levels can be greatly improved is in the maintenance and refurbishment of our dwellings. Sustainable refurbishment of our existing dwellings can make sure that we live sustainably on the long-term – conserving valuable natural and energy resources. The sustainable building industry is increasingly realising how design considerations can bring about a more positive interaction between urban areas and the natural environment, and lessening our impact on the environment. Eco-homes are also often more comfortable to live in, due to the applying of natural lighting, drought proofing and insulation. Sustainable refurbishing can involve a range of outfitting, from low-cost refurbishment to high costs refurbishment involving more specialized sustainable technologies and designs. Whichever way eco-refurbishing is done, eco-homes will save the homeowner expenses with lower energy and water bills. Read the article and advice for eco-friendly refurbishing, here on What’s Your Impact.


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