G2012: Los Cabos, México

With the G-20 Summit meeting coming to a close yesterday, 19 June 2012, the strength and recent growth of developing countries and economies left a strong statement.  Developing countries, including most notably China, followed by India, Mexico and Brazil contributing significantly to the International Monetary Fund – aimed to relieve  Greece and Spain of their financial crises.  These developing countries committed a total of 85 billion US dollars to the fund.

Now, what is the environmental concern here?  The fact is that developing countries like China, India, Mexico, Brazil and South Africa, are indeed developing, fast.  Aiming to reach the economic and infrastructural levels of world leading countries.  But, is this wild race for development considering the environment? Or are factors such as development and economic levels valued higher than the natural environment. One would like to believe that due consideration is giving to environmental matters, after all, these countries do have environmental legislation in place, right?  Yet the counter-argument is also observed: leaders of developing countries are believing that it is their time to reach levels of wealth and prosperity.  Almost claiming economic development as a right.  And with these economies implying strength at the latest G20 summit, who is going to prescribe or convince developing countries otherwise? Finally, it might be up to the public of these countries to guide and shape the road towards sustainable development.  Confirming the need for continued environmental education and environmental information sharing.

Source: CBC News, Business, 20 June 2012

Photo: some rights reserved by Ambro via freedigitalphotos.net


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