A Closer Look at Organic Food – Part 2

This series is about looking closer at organic production and to date we have learnt that organic production is all about proactive and environmental conscious food production: staying free from chemicals and securing an ecological balance while fostering environmental conservation.  This article will delve deeper into the environmental benefits of organic food production.

Climate change
Imagine eliminating a third of the world’s cars from the global carbon scene – this is what organic farming can achieve if a country such as the United State switch to only organic farming.  Research from the Rhodale Institute showed that per acre, organic farming can eliminate an impressive 7,000 pounds of carbon dioxide from the air per year.  Carbon dioxide is one of the two most prominent greenhouse gases causing climate change and countries globally aim to reduce their carbon dioxide emission volumes.   The ability of organic farming to reduce and sequestrate significant volumes of carbon dioxide is one of the greatest environmental benefits of organic farming.

Read the full article on the environmental benefits of organic farming on What’s Your Impact.


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