A Closer Look at Organic Food – Part 3

There is no doubt that organic foods are better for our natural environment, but are organic foods better for the consumer’s health?  In this article we will explore some of the accepted research about organic foods and their impact on human health.

There is plenty of data supporting both sides of the organic-health benefit argument.  Although supporters of organic food strongly believe in the health benefits, scientists have shown that organic food does not offer many, if any, nutritional health benefits in addition to the nutritional benefits of conventional food.  Such research was included the 2009 American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, which found no fundamental health benefits of organic foods that cannot be offered by conventional food.  During 2012, the Stanford University researched the nutritional value of organic versus conventional foods.  The outcome of the research indicated that organic foods do not contain any additional vitamins and minerals that cannot be equally provided by conventional food.   Thus, on the nutritional side there are no obvious health benefits associated with eating organic foods… but do not let this be your single judgement factor!

Continue reading the full article to discover the health benefits of organic food, published here What’s Your Impact.


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