A Closer Look at Organic Food – Part 4

Difficulties and disadvantages of organic food

A fair review of organic foods can not ignore the disadvantages associated with organic foods and its production.  The production of organic foods is associated with notable challenges, and ultimately these challenges result in drawbacks for the buyer and consumer.

Disadvantages for the farmer
Firstly, the process of organic food production does not rely on synthetic chemicals and other agri-chemical aids to promote and quicken the growth and production processes, and therefore, the food production process is slower and the production rate is reduced.  In switching from conventional to organic farming, farmers face risks and challenges.  Organic farming means that the whole spectrum of farming needs to be organic, including all elements involved in the farming process from soils to organic feed for dairy, egg and meat production.  Restoring soil nutrients to an organic and natural state, is a time consuming process during which the farmer is not able to harvest optimally.  The new organic farmer often needs a couple of years to become completely chemical-free, and this is one of the largest challenges faced by new organic farmers.  Once established, the organic farmer is responsible for certifying the produce, which ultimately adds to the production costs.  The certification is an on-going process as the farmer continuously needs to monitor and ensure that the produce comply with the relevant regulations.

Continue reading the full article to discover the difficulties and disadvantages associated with organic food, published here on What’s Your Impact.



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