Here’s an easy way to save water (and to implement sustainability)!

If you are following the articles on this site, then most likely you care about the natural environment and you are eager to implement sustainability in your own life.  So here’s an easy way to save one of our most vital natural resources – water.  And saving water means you are actively implementing sustainability.

Use water saving devices

By using water saving devices in your household or office, you can significantly cut your daily water requirements.  An easy way to save water is by installing tap aerators or flow regulators.  Whether considering your kitchen, bathroom, outdoor taps or office taps – apply tap aerators to all of them!  These little devices function by mixing the water stream from the tap with air, parting a single water stream into plenty of smaller water streams.  Now the water from your flowing tap will seem to be the same volume – but using these water saving devices can save up to a few litres of water per minute – and that can add up to well over a thousand litres of water, saved per month!  The design of these water saving devices ensures that water pressure remains unchanged which means you hardly recognise that less water is used.  The ease of this water saving measure continues, install your tap aerators in four easy steps.

Now that’s an easy way to save water whilst achieving your goals for living a more environmentally responsible and sustainable life!

Photo credit: some rights reserved by TF28 ❘ via flickr.


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