What environmental change will YOU implement in 2013?

New Year has come and gone.  For most, New Year brings a hype of excitement, combined with a must-be-positive attitude.  Thoughts of “it will be a good year” or “this year we’ll make a difference” are all around.  But the hype blows over quickly and many can no longer ignore the plaguing thoughts of reality…and if you think about it honestly, these thoughts have probably been tagging on your mind long before the superficial hype of New Year has come an gone.  Here at Word from the Savanna, our nagging thoughts revolve around the environment, and yes, it is about the environmental failures of the past year:


The darkness

A total of 668 rhinos were killed in South Africa during 2012 for their horns.  Our thoughts are rock-bottom: why could the defence system, authorities, politicians, not prevent this? What guarantees or at least reasons do we have to believe that 2013 will bring any relief for Africa’s quickly declining population?

South Africa’s scarce water resources took a plumage in 2012.  The country is already in a deficient water demand-supply situation.  Surely if we can at least protect the limited resources that we have, we could somehow be on the road to solutions and safe drinking water supply for all?  If this is a reasonable thought-process, then why aren’t we seeing any authoritative action being taken, action, beyond just talk and planning?

We want and need clean energy, right?  So why are commitment from service providers, government and yes YOU, the public, tagging behind?  Do you still need convincing that our conventional energy consumption patterns are unsustainable and harmful to the environment, and us, the human population?

Natural disasters and some with lasting impacts, are not within human control, yet we increasingly witness frightening climate extremes with far-reaching and cumulative impacts…something the man on the street never thought he would see.


Considering this tip of the 2012 environmental impact iceberg, is it realistic to think that we, the environmental concerned few, can have any better expectations for the coming year? Here at Word from the Savanna we say yes! Making a difference and changing the world around you need not rely on realism!  But to get down to chunks for chewing, here is what we will be doing in 2013, and what YOU can do as well:

The changes

Do not rely on others for true environmental changes.  Be it authorities, communities or politicians.  Because frankly, the environment will never genuinely beat power and economy on political and international agendas, even though the environment is the basis of it all.  Do not rely on good-sounding environmental priorities on political agendas.  No, in 2013, step up yourself to the challenge.  No matter how insignificant you may think your environmental and resource conservation efforts may be, the recycling of a single item, the correct disposal of some insignificant amount of electronic or household hazardous waste, the saving of a single drop of water.  If you have done this, you have done something! And over 365 days, you could change your habits and by so doing, influence ad motivate others to live sustainably.

Assist an NGO or environmental charity.  Changing our environmental ways is taking time.  And for NGO’s, this means human costs and resources.  Think about what it is that you can contribute: do you have a certain expertise, the ability to teach others, or are you an administration or marketing genius? Maybe you can afford a donation? To help with the first step of finding an NGO, search this worldwide NGO database.

Educate yourself.  How do you want to live in a safe and sound environment but you do not know what it will take to shape this?  Read! Educate yourself!  Find out which of your habits are harming the environment around you, and learn what living sustainably is all about.  And if you do not find the answers, go seek an expert’s help.  Environmentalists are some of the most keen professionals that you will find when it comes to sharing expertise.  The environmental concerned are few and sparsely sown, but we want to see our world protected, for the benefit of all.

Now go DO something in 2013

What will your 2013 environmental footprint look like?



Photo credits: some rights reserved by Exsodus, prozac1 and foto76 via freedigitalphotos.net


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January 17, 2013 · 3:41 pm

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