Water Missions International: Quenching physical and spiritual thirst

Globally, one out of every nine people lack access to a safe water source. Water Missions International (WMI) believes that this crisis is much greater than merely the lack of safe water. This lack of safe water is the cornerstone of an endless poverty cycle, one that can hardly be escaped from unless lasting safe water solutions are available.

For is reason, Water Missions International, a Christian non-profit engineering organization, believes in transforming lives and improving life quality through long-term, sustainable solutions. Water Missions International tackles the lack of safe drinking water across the globe and what has already been achieved since the organization’s establishment in 2001 is no small achievement. They have provided safe drinking water that is free of microbiological contaminants to more than 2.4 million people in developing countries and disaster areas. In total, WMI has served 49 countries across the world, focusing on Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Water Missions International serve in African countries such as Uganda, Kenya and Malawi

Water Missions International serves in African countries including Uganda, Kenya and Malawi

Meeting daily water needs does not require large volumes of water. In fact, much less water is required than what the average American or European citizen is used to. The average US citizen’s water consumption amounts to between 80 and 100 gallons per day, but according to the World Health Organization, five gallons can meet basic daily water needs in developing countries. Those of us with Western lifestyles use water indoors and outdoors, for basic needs and pure luxuries without a second thought. Sanitation goes without saying. However, this crisis steals the lives of thousands of people each day – more than war, natural disasters, AIDS or hunger, yet it rarely makes headlines. It is today’s silent killer.

So, how is WMI responding to the global water and sanitation crisis? Firstly, WMI acknowledges the individual communities they are working with. Through assessing the community’s specific needs, views and traditions, individual solutions are developed, customized and tailored to ensure lasting success. Two of WMI’s reliable and excellent technological solutions include The Healthy Latrine for proper sanitation and the Living WaterTM Treatment System for filtration and disinfection. Their work also relies on programs that engage community residents in promotion of healthy water, sanitation and hygiene behavior. These programs particularly focus on children and young adults, teaching the basic yet critical information on hygiene and health and how safe water and proper sanitation can improve lives.

Community involvement and ownership has proven to be a key success factor contributing to long term water and sanitation solutions. Water Missions International provides operational and administrative support to local water committees for at least one year after the water system is commissioned. When a community is ready to completely take ownership of their safe water solution, WMI transfers the project to their management; however they are always available as a resource.

Long term community support is part of WMI's safe water solution implementation programmes

Long term community support is part of WMI’s safe water solution implementation programmes

Driven by the desire to see an end to the global water crises, WMI’s transformational water solutions bring hope, health and happiness to millions. Being a non-profit organization, the selfless dedication of volunteers helps ensure that the organization’s goals are met. Water Missions International and all the people involved in this mission to end the world’s water crises is driven by another, even greater, goal: actively and purposefully serving in response to God’s desires for us – looking after the physical and spiritual well-being of others, providing the life-saving blessing of safe water while not neglecting the source of Living Water.


Photo credits & source: Water Missions International

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