The Last Savanna: Tomorrow is giveaway time!

LastSavanna_cover_medTomorrow, we will be giving away a copy of Mike Bond’s latest thriller, The Last Savanna, telling a harsh and action-packed story of life in East Africa, where wildlife face animal slaughter with deep reaching effects.

Here is what the media giants across the globe is saying about The Last Savanna:

“The central figure is not human; it is the barren, terrifying landscape of Northern Kenya and the deadly creatures who inhabit it.” – Daily Telegraph

“Pulsating with the sights, sounds, and dangers of wild Africa, its varied languages and peoples, the harsh warfare of the northern deserts and the hunger of denied love.” – Newton Chronicle

“The imagery was so powerful and built emotions so intense that I had to stop reading a few times to regain my composure.” – African Publishers’ Network

“An unforgettable odyssey into the wilderness, mysteries, and perils of Africa.” – Greater London Radio

“Bond touches on the vast and eerie depths that lie under the thin crust of civilization and the base instinct within man to survive ―a thoroughly enjoyable read that comes highly recommended.” – Nottingham Observer

“A manhunt through crocodile-infested jungle, sun-scorched savannah, and impenetrable mountains as a former SAS man tries to save the life of the woman he loves but cannot have.” − Evening Telegraph

“Exciting, action-packed . . . A nightmarish vision of Africa.” − Manchester Evening News


How to win: comment, like, share here, on twitter or facebook and you will be entered into the draw for a copy of The Last Savanna and The Last Savanna Adventure Kit.  Do not miss out! Tomorrow is giveaway time!


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